Have you ever taken the time to think about the dialogue we have with ourselves?

That audio loop constantly reminding us of our own deepest, darkest, secret insecurities.

Whether the words we hear inside are positive, negative or simply fleeting thoughts, our inner voice has a lot of power over us.

So who’s doing all the talking?

We might have these well rehearsed lines that we think define us, running over and over in our internal dialogue. We don’t even realise that saying them out loud is a pretty powerful way to seal the deal.

What we think, and what we say, is our reality. We become our thoughts.

From my past I can recall sentences I repeated over and over to myself, to friends, even to perfect strangers. I made these proclamations as a way of defining who I was. Thinking back now, I cringe at the thought of those words coming out of my mouth. It almost feels like another person was saying them.

A few years on and I’ve made peace with a lot of what I once said.  So here we have it, my list of…

Things Banner

I love yoga

Old Miann: Yawn… Yoga is so boring! I need to be running around like crazy. I can’t sit still!
New Miann: Yoga makes me feel connected, grounded and calm. It helps place my trust in the Universe and makes me feel love and gratitude.

I don’t drink coffee

Old Miann: I’ll have a tripple shot vanilla latte thanks. Sleep, what sleep?
New Miann: I have so much energy from fruit and I have deeper sleeps.

I disagree with you

Old Miann: I’m proud of being a “fence sitter”, that way I avoid any confrontation.
New Miann: Forming and sharing my own opinions is rewarding, I enjoy expressing myself and sharing my beliefs.

I am always full of energy

Old Miann: How am I ever going to have enough energy to have a baby?
New Miann: I can’t believe I don’t crash out at 3pm and have regular energy levels all day, coffee and sleeping pills are a thing of the past.

I don’t eat dairy

Old Miann: Not sure if I’m full or hungry or feeling sick, better go skull some milk. Hangover? Pass me that wheel of brie.
New Miann: I know how to really listen to what my body needs and am connected to what my body rejects.

Are there words you say that berate your integrity? Do you want to press the mute button on that negative dialogue? Let’s try something. Write the sentences you commonly fall back on in the comments below. Next week we will talk about how we can make space to invite in some fresh, positive perspective.