My favourite skincare products right now

miann scanlan natural skin care beauty anti ageing routine products charlotte tilbury SK-11 miracle essence eco tan organic

Just as our wardrobes and diet change from season to season, so too should your beauty routine. Ageing is also a factor, as is skin becoming too accustomed to the same product year in year out. With the addition of these new products I have grown to love, I also have a few non-neogitables that have seen me through the past year or so.

miann scanlan natural skin care beauty anti ageing routine products charlotte tilbury SK-11 miracle essence eco tan organic

*All products are listed in order of application


This all natural cleanser changed my life a few years ago. The Grown Alchemist Gentle Facial Cleanser doesn’t strip your skin of all its moisture but does one hell of a job removing dirt, oil and makeup. Bonus points because it foams without using harsh ingredients to achieve the consistency. Pro tip: always double cleanse at night.

Secret Weapon

Completely worth the hype, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence lives up to its standards (and price range). What I refer to as holy water, it contains 90 per cent pitera – a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, which was discovered during the fermentation process of sake over 30 years ago. In fact, SK-II cottoned on to the fact that Japanese sake brewers had youthful hands (despite their elderly age) and fortunately for our skin, went on a mission to find out why. After cleansing apply a few drops to your palm and pat all over your face twice daily.


This toner I don’t necessarily always use after my SK-II, I tend to use this one throughout the day when I need a skin pick me up. Perfect for on the go hydration the Musq Antioxidant Toner can happily be spritzed over makeup to keep your skin glowing. It smells heavenly and feels super fresh which I’m loving in this warmer weather.


I forever feel like I’m on the constant hunt for the perfect moisturiser. At the moment I’m loving what the Musq Replenish Serum is doing for my skin though I have a feeling in the dead of summer I’ll have to switch to something a little lighter for the day. To apply, literally tap the pump twice to dispense two drops and rub this quickly between your palms to heat up the product and pat into the skin.


This one is still a favourite because I tend to have a natural tan all year round, except for my face which I keep covered in SPF 50+ and hidden away from the sun. A few times a week when I need some colour, I cleanse, tone, hydrate and add a pea-sized amount of Eco Tan to my face and wake up with a natural glow. More expensive than most fake tans, this bottle lasts me well over a year as I only use it on my face.


A little apprehensive to jump on the Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow bandwagon at first thinking a product couldn’t possibly be that good, I bought this because I had to try it and the rose gold was too pretty to pass up. And I’m so glad I did! Working as a cream cleanser, moisturiser or mask this cream-to-oil balm is nothing but luxe. Once a week or when I’m feeling dry, I double cleanse, use my Facial Treatment Essence and slather on this balm sleeping in it over night and wake up with baby soft skin and no breakouts! I actually hate the way this feels as a body moisturiser because it leaves a very sticky residue, so instead I slather it on my hands and feet and sleep in gloves and socks for an overnight mani/pedi treatment. Heaven.


Sun protection is a MUST for your health and anti-ageing. In my eyes, if you don’t use sunblock then you are wasting your money on any of the above products. Not pictured here, my hands-down absolute favourite sunblock is the Cetaphil Sunsitivity Body & Face SPF 50+ which you can pick up from Priceline. I don’t fuck around and get lazy with sunscreen, you shouldn’t either. Just because your BB, CC or mineral makeup has a SPF element, it’s not enough. After using all of the above products I wait a few minutes then pat this into the skin on my face, and apply down my neck, on my chest, shoulders, forearms, hands, and above my knees (all the areas that age the most!). It won’t break you out, ever. I promise.