Let it bleed

burgundy plum red dark lips dewy skin natural brows brunette autumn winter makeup mua style red wine stain lips lip stick wet look

 I’m completely smitten with this makeup interpretation of my favourite winter pass time: sipping on a red wine by candle light with a special someone. I keep my complexion flawless, bright and dewy by sticking to cream products. Prep the lips with a lip conditioner and forget everything everyone told you about lip liner. Brush those brows sky high, fill in with a natural looking brow powder and set with clear gel to keep the look wet. Add some warmth to the crease and wash iridescent champagne colours over the lid and skip the mascara all together. Find your perfect shade of oxblood, avoiding anything matte as you want the lips to stain and bleed as if you’ve been drinking red wine all evening and complete the look with a glass of Bordeaux.


*Not in partnership with MAC, these are literally the exact products I own and use