Monochrome island luxe
cabin and cove birkenstocks sass and bide scarf lack of colour montana midnight muse hat kenzo sunglasses snorkel lisa marie fernandez bikini swimsuit sports watch vacation holiday accessories travel style fashion whitsundays hamilton island queensland great barrier reef luxe tropical getaway


The Whitsunday islands of tropical far north Queensland, Australia. Usually a destination where one would be inspired by   the crystal clear turquoise blue water, tropical green fauna and the perfectly white sand (not to mention the world of tecnhicolour under the waters of the Great Barrier Reef). I am however a creature of habit and black does love to work its way into my wardrobe. But for the tropics, I promise to inject my love for black into accessories only.

Sass and Bide scarfCabin & Cove sandals, Ocean Earth snorkelLisa Marie Fernandz one pieceAdidas sports watchKenzo sunglassesLack of Color hat.


Up and at ’em 

ocean surf miann health wellbeing meditate peace love kindness yoga

A little while back you might have seen this blog post titled THINGS I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SAY where I list a number of well rehearsed lines I once blurted out over and over as a way of defining myself. Without realising, I was doing some serious affirming to the point where I would block out things from my life (like yoga, which is basically considered a cardinal sin in my books).

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birkenstock fashion cabin cove sandals trilogy fashion black celine slides 90s

birkenstock fashion cabin cove sandals trilogy fashion black celine slides 90s


To Birkenstock, or not to Birkenstock. That is the question: Whether ’tis nobler to fall victim to fashion zeitgeist and follow the masses, or to take a sartorial stand against the tide of trend and oppose them.

I recoiled in horror when Christopher Kane sent models shuffling down the runway in embodied and bejewelled pool slides during the SS12 shows. Then Phoebe Philo of Celine stepped in and had her say with furkenstocks. And it was on!

Back in March 2013, Leandra Medine (better known as ‘Man Repeller‘) begged the question “Are we going to do this??” Would chic women of the world give the most comfortable sandal in the world a stylish renaissance? Just over a year on and the answer is a resounding yes. Yes we are.

Well, maybe most of us.

I’m still not convinced, even for someone whose entire dressing ethos revolves around comfort. Which is why I was content finding a happy, (and comfortable) medium with my Cabin & Cove Trilogy Sandals. A sleek alternative for those who aren’t ready to throw all their sartorial dignity out the window and embrace ugly/beautiful. While I like to think I’ll look like a young fresh faced Kate Moss channelling my inner 90s gal if I slip into a pair of Birkies, something tells me that now isn’t quite the right time…

photos by Tess Leopold 




How to fit in at a heavy metal concert

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My style changes daily, weekly, monthly depending on where I am in the world, what I’m doing, who I’m hanging out with, the climate, the weather and the terrain. My most recent style influence was my time spent in California last year. From the bohemians of venice to the girls of the Californian desert, I took a piece of what really felt like my first sincere and honest styling with me, and now back home in Australia I always find ways to pay homage to my favourite period of style in my life. On that trip my bestie and I wound up with AAA passes to a heavy metal concert in the middle of the desert in Chula Vista, a sleepy town behind San Diego. We are occasion dressers at the best of times, so we made the most of the sartorial opportunity to rock it out.

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The Sunday Girl. Who is she?

She’s in all of us.

She’s the voice within that whispers approval of that extra late-morning sleep in. She’s the girl who revels in the detail, who delights in the curious and pours over her treasured trinkets. She collects obscure ornaments, keepsakes of her travels from her back yard pond all the way to Paris. She’s the day dreamer, the star gazer, the girl who’s eye is drawn to all that shimmers and sparkles and who’s soul is nourished with love and truth.

In this recent post I revealed who The Sunday Girl is within me and how The Sunday Girl gives us permission to take time off, to nourish, to rest, to potter around the house and just simply be. But there’s another part to the story of The Sunday Girl. 

The story of how she came about. 

It all started when a young bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed and terrifically curious girl’s world full of wonder collided with a world of excitable knowledge. A world where light was shed upon mountains of warm chatty facts and stories of an enlightened journey lay the offbeat path toward a bright smile and a place that feels like home. That world was Jessy Cameron, director and founder of Molten Store.

We went for coffee.

And instantly, like a jolt of electricity surged through us grounding our passions, desires and dreams we hit if off and I knew this girl was going to be in my life for the long run. We were an effortless kindred match. Five years later and Jessy is still my vivacious personal cheerleader. The friend who pushes me to be more, encourages me to dig deeper and pours her heart and soul into helping me dream bigger.

I still remember the day she leaned in whispered to me with the same enthusiasm and excitable truth as a child who believes in magic dust and fairies “I’m leaving this job and starting Molten Store”. In that moment, Jessy gave me a canvass tote bag with the words inscribed THERE IS THUNDER IN OUR HEARTS. She also gave me permission to expand the capacity of my dreams and within months I was on a plane to Sydney with a suitcase, tote bag, no job and nowhere to live to chase them.

Since then our lives have gone down so many different paths, and no matter the distance between our polar opposites we have confided in each other at numerous different turns to charter life’s beautiful map and find our true north. Meeting a compass like Jessy really opened my starry eyes to seeking out other inspiring souls and dreamers to enter my orbit.

And I have.

As someone who is a loner by choice, never quite finding comfort in the crowd, I have fine tuned my radar to pick up qualities in others who bring out the best in me. I seek to inspire and be inspired, and never have my relationships been more fulfilling. My interactions and relationships are easy, gentle, kind and encouraging, free of drama and expectations. I can turn to my friends in times of need, even if it’s been months since we last spoke, it’s as if we pick up where we last set off. I have found my tribe, my people, my collaborators.

Jessy and I have been collaborating for years.

Recently, I had returned to Australia from my travels and Jessy was about to jet off to begin an expedition of her own when we jumped at the rare opportunity to touch base and catch up. Between swapping travel stories, musing over curious mysteries and pondering where the next leg of life’s journey would take us, in an instant it appeared that our worlds would again collide head first in a beautiful colourful explosion of creativity, The Sunday Girl was born.

To celebrate the reveal of my collaboration with Molten Store, we have come together yet again to offer you a prize that will make your heart skip a beat.

A tote bag full of Molten Store goodiesDo you feel that thunder rumbling?

This competition isn’t just for anyone, it’s for those of you who are hungry for more, who have an insatiable thirst for positive change and an eye for obscurity and style. It’s for you beautiful  inbox-lovers only who join me to receive love letters and inspiring insights direct to your inbox. To enter simply:

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