Windows down, music up

Anyone who knows me knows I have an undying love for the desert of California. To me, California has always felt like home, even though it never has been. I find comfort in the explainable sense of familiarity I get when wandering the streets of Venice, similar like how the coast line of Orange County feels like faint memories from childhood. But there’s no where that speaks to my soul quite like the desert of California: Barron rocky landscapes, tumbleweeds and cactus, palm trees that sit at the foot of enormous mountain ranges.  The quiet back-water towns, the deafening silence in the vast valleys, the stinging hot midday sun that’s contrasted by cool desert nights curled up by the outdoor fire.

From the moment I first ever set foot in SoCal, I knew it was either a place I had been before or a place that I belonged. There’s something about California that makes me feel so at ease. Maybe it’s the endless palm trees and dry, hot breeze. Or maybe it’s the way the softly muted sunlight shines down upon the endless curves of mountainous desert always visible somewhere in the distance.  Even when I see something new for the very first time, like watching the sun set over Joshua Tree, it still feels like home.

At home in Australia, my apartment is covered in photos I shot on film. I pay homage to the southwest with all of my furniture and decor, but most of all, I play music which takes me back to the place I love most. Come with me on my journey through California.

Hitch a ride in the Cadillac, roof down, hair dancing in the wind as we hit the highway into the journey unknown listening to my favourite songs below.