Au naturel with Nude By Nature

nude by nature beach natural mineral makeup how to summer humid beach tutorial

Summer is officially here! ‘Tis the season for minimal makeup with an emphasis on natural, effortless beauty that can handle the balmy humid heat. Holiday season means days are spent at the beach trying to cool off, and evenings are spent with friends doing the same, however with an Aperol spritz in hand. And you need a simple, no fuss beauty routine from Australia’s best 100% natural beauty brand Nude by Nature to take you from beach to bar.

nude by nature beach natural mineral makeup how to summer humid beach tutorial bronzer illuminator highlight bronzed

nude by nature beach natural mineral makeup how to summer humid beach tutorial bronzer illuminator highlight bronzed

The first thing to do après surf is get under a fresh water shower. Normally I’m a leave-the-salt-on kind of gal, but not if I’m heading to sunset drinks straight from the beach. If you make it home, cleanse off sunblock, and follow up with a light moisturizer. Otherwise if I’m getting ready in my mobile wardrobe aka the boot of my car, I use sand while in the ocean to (very lightly!) scrub away zinc and sunscreen.

Nude by Nature products have this incredible moisturising yet not oily consistency, made from ingredients that rejuvenate and strengthen the skin which means after the shower it’s time to prime with Undercover Airbrush Primer. They key to not getting too oily in summer is making sure to apply moisture to the skin so it doesn’t have to over compensate, so I’m pretty generous with this primer, my skin drinks it in. After it’s had a moment to set, I pump some Liquid Mineral Foundation in Medium onto the back of my hand, and with a less-is-more attitude dot it across the main points of my face. Then I rub my hands together to create heat and use this to help work the product with my fingers into and across my skin. Remember, we’re going from beach to bar, minimal tools required! I love this foundation because you can build it up if you need more coverage, especially after a day in the sun.

I would normally use a translucent powder to set my foundation, but when it’s the height of summer and I’m off to the beach side bar, I prefer to take a pressed powder to lightly set my foundation across my T zone, and then use it again for touching up later on in the evening when no doubt I’m dewy, and not the cute model-backstage kind. The Pressed Mineral Powder pairs perfectly with the foundation, they’re really a match made in heaven.

Summer nights and beach side bars are all about embracing your natural beauty in the natural elements, so I prefer to skip mascara and eye makeup all together and instead use bronzer and highlighter to contour, create depth and add an element of drama to an otherwise au naturel look. Using the Mineral Brush from the Complexion Supernature Set, liberally apply Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer to the perimeter of your face, under the jaw and a little down the neck. Then go back in with as little product as possible and contour under the cheek bones, through the temples and down the sides of your nose, not forgetting to lightly dust across the bridge of your nose because that’s where the sun naturally kisses you. With the Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator from the Pressed Perfection Set, highlight the high points of your face: Across the cheek bones, just above the brows, on your cupids bow, and down the bridge of your nose.

Here’s where the real sea-side fun begins. To add some drama to the eyes, using your fingers lightly pat in bronzer through the crease, under the lower lash line from the outer corner to the middle of the eye and even a little to your brows to darken them down if they need some attention. Then grab your highlighter, dab it using your pinky into the inner corners of your eye and sweep it across the inner half of the lid.  Keep gradually building the highlighter and bronzer until you’re happy, then dab a little Mineral Lip Gloss in Sultry onto your eyelid and onto your brows for a wet look, not forgetting to gloss up the lips. After all, you’ve just stepped out of the ocean, remember?

I created this entire look using the Pressed Perfection Gift Set and the Complexion Supernature Gift Set which are literally are the perfect gifts for the beach babe in your life. For 30% off + FREE shipping for all orders over $50 use my special discount code ‘NUDEBYNATUREXMAS’

nude by nature beach natural mineral makeup how to summer humid beach tutorial bronzer illuminator highlight bronzed