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What we think we become

I’ve always been a pretty positive person. But only now as I grow older  I am finally beginning to understand just how powerful positivity can be. The defining moment for me was one New Year’s Eve when I sat to review a list of goals I had made the year prior.

Scanning my eye down the page and reading what I had written, my heart skipped a beat.

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Turning a setback into a comeback

Have you ever wanted something so intensely that it seemed impossible to imagine it not coming to fruition? You endlessly pour every waking hour of excitable energy dreaming, scheming, planning, practicing and visualizing. When there is something that we want, the fire of passion burns so intensely that it feels as if nothing could possibly stop us, that is, until we face a major set back.

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You are what you read

I’m the type of girl who gets lost for hours perusing the titles and blubs of the books in a person’s home because for some reason, since I was a child, I’ve always gravitated toward the books rather than the decor. Like a big sister reading a little sister’s private diary, a guest at a party snooping in a medicine cabinet, or a spy rifling through a bottom drawer for hidden scandals and secrets, you can tell a lot about a person simply by the books that line their shelf.

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It all started with an intention

miann scanlan surf child young baby turf

Mum and I, circa 1992

Ever since I can remember, I have envisioned myself sliding across the face of a wave, making tracks up and down a vintage mal with not a care in the world. To this day, even holding that vision in my mind envelopes my soul in pure bliss. When I was little, I wanted to be the girls in the photos lining the walls of my local surf shop. I wanted to be surfing with my mum, walking out as deep as my little toddler legs would take me until I had to let go of her hand as she jumped on her board, paddled out into the vast ocean and ushered me to go back to the shore. But for some reason, I never really tried and my parents never really pushed me.

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All you need is less

Bali will always have a place in my heart. It was the first place my parents escaped to during a forbidden romance when they were young and in love. It’s an island where my father lived for a few months as a young man, spending his days from sunrise to sunset surfing and hanging with the locals. It was the island of Bali where I went to heal after losing a parent to cancer. For the two months I spent on the island, it was the Balinese people’s love and healing spirit that enveloped me and began to place the pieces of my broken heart back together. Palm trees line the beaches, while a hot tropical breeze washes over the shore year round. The air throughout Bali smells sweet with the burning incense of holy offerings made throughout the day, and during times of worship at the temples, the delightful ringing of bells sweep through the calm dawn or dusk air. The island speaks of simpler times, the yesteryears, where all you need is less.

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What death taught me about life

While talking about death can be tricky, and even seem taboo, it’s one of the many facets of life itself. We encounter death every day when we read the newspaper or turn on the TV, but we are mostly detached, as losing a loved one is not necessarily something everyone goes through.But having gone through the motions of grief recently, I’d like to talk about what we are learning from this aspect of life that none of us can escape from experiencing at some point or another.

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