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Ariel vs Ursula Andress

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Ever since I met up with Dakota Gilbert of SKYE & Staghorn over in Bali, I knew this water-baby had the right idea. First of all, well, she lives in tropical paradise and her island lifestyle definitely comes through in the designs. But there’s more to this label than coconuts and palm trees. With athletic zipper detailing, performance-wear fabrics and genius panelling, you get the idea that Dakota understands that not all bikini wearers come equal. Which is why the suit she sent me could easily take me from cocktail-in-hand-pool-side to shacked-off-my-head-barrels-brah (should that occasion ever arise).

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Let It All Go_2

I believe the rising and falling swell of the ocean is much like life itself. We open up and accept things in our life just like we let them fall away by releasing them. There’s always a balance, like yin and yang, with the dark also comes the light. Like the tide, we are guided by the energies of the moon. Having moment where I can physicalise my creativity, connect with myself and enjoy my body entwined with the earth by the ocean is something I truly cherish.

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