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Au naturel 

For those of you who have been following my chemical free journey over the past year or so will know I’ve been gently making the transition from chemical laden mass market cosmetic products to simple, natural and organic alternatives. There has been a lot of trial and error and the switches didn’t happen all at once, over night. My skin has gone through a bunch of changes (including dealing with hormonal acne from going off the pill), but regardless of the breakouts and changes I resisted the allure of the shiny cosmetics aisle of the super market promising the latest breakthrough technology (aka unnatural!!) for amazing skin, and came through the other side of my journey with a super simple skin routine which I love.

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My favourite asanas

miann scanlan yoga swell being low lunch health fitness wellbeing asana beginners back bend hip opener pose asana yogi healthy health how to introduction

I’m a sucker for a hip opener pose. They say when you open the hips you are open to more things in life which is why I love Anjaneyasana, or Low Lunge. This is because deep hip openers are part of a larger process of breaking yourself from dependences. They’re also fantastic emotional releases as they unlock so much of the physical emotions that are held around this feminine area. This also is a fantastic back bend, chest opener and helps loosen up tight shoulders.

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“The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea”ocean surf miann health wellbeing meditate peace love kindness yoga

 The small collective of words I trust you’ve seen before by Isak Dinesen holds a spell over me. They’re akin to the reason I live by the ocean, every morning photographing my undying love for a body of water. Even catching a faint glimpse of the indigo horizon through parting trees is enough to fire up my instinctual senses and cause every cell within my body to yearn for a sweet submerge. If I am away from the water for even a few days, I feel my energy levels deplete and my mood drop – which is why my personal remedy to most ailments in life is literally the ocean.

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A few Friday’s ago my little old recipe made it’s way onto one of my favourite websites ever, The Wellness Warrior run by the super inspiring (and fellow Sunshine Coast girl) Jess Ainscough. I made my trusty lentil patties using my juicing scraps, this time measuring the ingredients and photographing the result! Lots of fun trying my first hand at food styling. There will be some more food styling to come – take your first sneak peak at my next yummy project hereBut for now, with today being a Friday I thought I’d share the article with you below or you can read the post over on Jess’s site here. Enjoy!

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Up and at ’em 

ocean surf miann health wellbeing meditate peace love kindness yoga

A little while back you might have seen this blog post titled THINGS I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SAY where I list a number of well rehearsed lines I once blurted out over and over as a way of defining myself. Without realising, I was doing some serious affirming to the point where I would block out things from my life (like yoga, which is basically considered a cardinal sin in my books).

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Late night reflections

yoga fish poseIf you’re anything like me and find most of your juicy and rich inspiration in the wee hours of the morning when it feels like the rest of the world is sleeping, then you know how hard it is to quieten down that over-active brain of yours. While I’m proud of my late night bursts of energy and inspiration, I know that rising and setting with the sun is a really vital step toward optimum health. Why? Because humans are diurnal animals. Back before time was a thing”, ironically our bodies worked (and still do) on a 24 hour clock.

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