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How to get your groove back (when you can’t groove)

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At the very beginning of this year, I had all planned out perfectly.

 I’d surf at every waking opportunity no matter the conditions in preparation for a surf trip to Sri Lanka this December with my dad. But a broken nose only 5 days into the new year, and a herniated disc in my spine half way through made damn sure I wouldn’t achieve my goals.  What I’ve discovered since writing this article on overcoming setbacks, is that the pain of a setback hurts much more than the injury itself. After all, what do you call a surfer who does not surf?

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To cleanse or not to cleanse?

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I have endless gratitude for the girls over at Sol Cleanse for introducing me to cleansing. If it weren’t for their encouragement and support, I would never have thought to try it. They are always available via email and happy to answer so many questions. I’ve done two cleanses with them now and wanted to impart some of my wisdom onto anyone who is curious. Click below to see the rest of my tips.

1. Prepare beforehand

Spend a few days before your cleanse is due to commence preparing by slowly decreasing your portion size and introducing lots of herbal teas. Shrinking your stomach will help curb hunger cravings, while ceremoniously enjoying delectable herbal teas will help you become more present and mindful in each day – which is vital for your cleanse. If you want to use the cleanse to help you quit coffee, do this two or three days before hand, so that when it’s time to cleanse, you’re already over that hump…

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How do you describe yourself?


In my early twenties there came a point where I had totally lost my grip on reality. That is, life as I know it now. Back when I was a PR girl living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney I didn’t know there was a life outside of the office, beyond the commute, external to the weekends that were spent dreading Monday. My soul was drowning in a schedule that had spun its way in repetitive cycles around my life and bundled my grey existence neatly into heartbreaking seven day packages. Sound familiar?

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A not-so-naughty easter treat

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As easter rolls around again I can’t help but notice every shop front is laden with sugary chocolate treats. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than an easter egg hunt than the next girl, but there is a part of me that cringes at the thought of how many belly aches I endured as a child after going a bit crazy on the chocolate.

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The wisdom our bodies hold is truly profound

When did we get so caught up in trying to eat what the overwhelming surplus of conflicting health information says is right, that we stopped eating in a way that’s right for us?

Our bodies literally respond to every little thing going on in our lives and talk to us about everything from what nutrients it needs, to what road to go down for that big decision we have to make. But with so many fad “life style diets” and health trends, it’s no wonder we seem to be more in tune with what we’re told by the outside world rather than what our own bodies are trying to tell us.

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