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As seen in The Collective Magazine issue #14

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While society and our inherently voyeuristic nature for the most part are to blame for the social phenomenon, Instagram engagement numbers are a brand’s most valuable currency, right up there with actual sales numbers. In the modern digital age consumers can detect pushy sales messaging and transparent marketing tactics from a virtual mile away. The consumer has a lot more pull when it comes to determining the success of a brand due entirely to social sharing and only brands grounded in sincerity seem to cut through all the noise.

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The first step is believing in yourself

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One of the most common blocks for reaching great success is the fear or success itself. Everyone is born with the same abilities to learn, apply knowledge and translate this into abundance. On the same token, everything on the planet is made of energy, including our thoughts. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical being, and this energy can’t help but attract its likeness. Constantly tell yourself that you’ll never make it? Then that’s exactly what will happen.

Click below for my morning mantras that inspire me to be the best version of my self, every single day.

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It takes a lot of guts to walk away from the dream job most girls would kill for.

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They don’t come fresher than Gold Coast local Jaimi-lee Fitzgerald. Only one-week into her brand new freelance life Jaimi-lee already has a handful of clients she is consulting for. Over a long lunch talking about our clients, our dreams and everything in between I decided I had to profile this young budding entrepreneur. Here she share’s her story in the first instalment of my new interview series, The Freelance Files.

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Mind your business


Ahh, technology, how I adore thee. I can go on my morning walk while listening to classic French literature on Spotify. I can shop online, attend online yoga classes, sit in on global web seminars, even build an entire business online and work from wherever I am in the world. Don’t even get me started on Netflix + Seamless = <3.

But flourishing in the digital age comes with its own challenges. From shattered iPhone screens, losing years’ worth of photos and data on broken hard drives, to waterlogged laptops, trust me I’ve endured it all. Through the tears, the huge bills, the endless hours on the phone with IT help and the total meltdowns (myself and my computer included), I’ve learnt one all-important lesson.

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