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My honest experience with laser hair removal

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It was’t that long ago that even the idea of getting laser treatment gave me hot flushes and waives of anxiety. The thought of intensified light being shot onto my skin and into my body all but completely freaked me out.

Suffice to say that my foray into the world of laser has been a slow and steady journey, but ultimately one that was very worth the wait. Why? Because I basically never have to shave under my arms again!

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A quick and easy lunch-break solution for amazing skin

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I seriously adore going to Esteem Medispa on the Gold Coast. All of the staff are so accommodating, unbelievably knowledgable in each of their specialised fields, and happy to take time to explain the intricacies behind each treatment or product. Today marks two weeks on from my first appointment at Esteem Medispa. You can read more about that here. As I mentioned in my previous post, my pigmentation had minimised dramatically and a lot of the really fine lines caused by the sun seemed to basically disappear. I’ve kept nourishing around my eyes with organic argan oil, as it’s a very dense oil which is great for anti ageing.

My laser today felt a little warmer than my last appointment…

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Au naturel 

For those of you who have been following my chemical free journey over the past year or so will know I’ve been gently making the transition from chemical laden mass market cosmetic products to simple, natural and organic alternatives. There has been a lot of trial and error and the switches didn’t happen all at once, over night. My skin has gone through a bunch of changes (including dealing with hormonal acne from going off the pill), but regardless of the breakouts and changes I resisted the allure of the shiny cosmetics aisle of the super market promising the latest breakthrough technology (aka unnatural!!) for amazing skin, and came through the other side of my journey with a super simple skin routine which I love.

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When you find your hair stylist via a Tweet 

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Like any good online hunter/gatherer I found Jaye Edwards of Edwards and Co. through the likes of Twitter back in 2011 when my tresses desperately needed tending to. With an exchange of all but two tweets I was in his Surry Hills chair. After years of constantly having re-growth due to never bothering to get my blonde done regularly, I decided it was time to polish up my look and opt for an on trend balayage. Who better to than the man who masterfully creates one of the most coveted manes in Australia, Lara Bingle’s blonde locks.

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