Beyond the endless beauty products, the superfoods, the latest workout craze, the spa treatments, the retreats, the natural supplements, the medication and every other fix under the sun, there is one integral part of life most of us ignore, though it happens to be not only the simplest, but I believe, also the most effective. Breathing.

Just breathe.

No really, I urge you to. While you’re probably skimming your eyes over these words as fast as possible, between checking emails, checking social media feeds, driving (yikes, be careful!), whoofing down your lunch or yet another activity that doesn’t have your full attention. I ask that you simple give yourself just ten seconds, right now, to just breathe.

Five slow counts in, five slow counts out. 

There, doesn’t that feel good? 

Breathing for most people is an unconscious process, largely characterised by its shallowness. But the quality and form of our breathing greatly enhances and communicates a lot about our emotional state.

Ever notice how when you’re slammed at work trying to work out which mammoth task to tackle first, that you’re hardly even breathing? Or when you’re in a tricky yoga pose, or pumping out crunches, that you’re holding your breath?

Let’s think a little harder about how we operate. What about those moments when you’ve found yourself with a bunch of snacks next to your desk. You’re chewing as fast as you can devouring that tub of almonds and before the blink of an eye, they’re all gone. That was weird.

We ignore the true callings of our body because emotions like stress very cleverly disguise our honest needs and turn them into dishonest actions. Some of which include “chew ferociously “, “tap fingers on desk”, “stand up and walk around office really fast, end up at fridge”. Sound familiar?

Coming in to the body and coming in to the breath has unbelievable benefits for something that is so simple and easy to do:

  • Breathing deeply improves cellular regeneration, improving skin tissue firmness and density. Helloooo plump, younger looking skin!
  • Breathing deeply improves posture. Standing up straight is definitely sexier than slouching. When you engage your full diaphragm your shoulders are automatically drawn back and chin is lifted higher.
  • Breathing deeply improves digestion. When the stomach receives more oxygen, it operates more efficiently. Extra oxygen also helps burn excess fat.
  • Breathing deeply improves detoxification. Breathing the goodness in also helps the body release toxins like carbon dioxide from your bloodstream.
  • Breathing deeply improves moods. Happiness is not only infectious, it’s also extremely becoming.


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 [image: Oyster Magazine]