Ariel vs Ursula Andress

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Ever since I met up with Dakota Gilbert of SKYE & Staghorn over in Bali, I knew this water-baby had the right idea. First of all, well, she lives in tropical paradise and her island lifestyle definitely comes through in the designs. But there’s more to this label than coconuts and palm trees. With athletic zipper detailing, performance-wear fabrics and genius panelling, you get the idea that Dakota understands that not all bikini wearers come equal. Which is why the suit she sent me could easily take me from cocktail-in-hand-pool-side to shacked-off-my-head-barrels-brah (should that occasion ever arise).

On the weekend a bunch of my friends and I decided to load up the cars with single fins and hit the fun waves at Kirra for a lazy Sunday afternoon session. I  got up on the one wave I managed to paddle onto, with lots of solo-mermaiding (pretending I was Arial) going on out the back while the boys made tracks up and down their boards. Go me!

With zinc, GoPro and “Lottie Crop” bikini in tow, I felt part-Bond-Girl-part-mermaid, ready to take on the action of the ocean while avoiding those busty miss-haps, in the chicest possible way.

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Lottie Crop by SKYE & Staghorn