Come behind the scenes with me and my incredible creative team on our “The Sunday Girl” photoshoot, brought to life at a dreamy 70s beach shack and told through the lens of acclaimed fashion photographer Madelyn Rose.

The beauty look was created using 100% organic cosmetics by makeup master and natural-health advocate Emmily Banks. She achieved a soft and natural look with gentle highlights and hints that The Sunday Girl might have gotten ready for the day, but decided to take time to her self and crawl back in to bed. Hair was crafted by Chantal Davis who tamed my usually salt drenched tresses and pushed for glamour with soft curls, deep parts and amped up the texture.

The Sunday Girl is something (or rather, someone) very close to my heart. I went through some big life changes in 2012  and took time off work to soul search, heal and ultimately create space for more moments of solitude, taking a morning off to just be myself in my own beach-side sanctuary. We’ve subtly communicated this through the setting of The Sunday Girl, she relishes those extra few minutes sleeping in, she journals her dreams in the sun, she gets to be exactly who she is in her own skin.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to feel guilty for over indulging in rest and relaxation; society says that we need to be go-go-go in order to be woman who can “have it all”.  However, the upheld ideal of the Super Woman who can juggle work, life, career, a family, a relationship, friendships and her health seemingly at ease, usually fails to depict her taking a morning off, which is just as important as planning that dinner party or nailing that pitch at work.

And that’s what The Sunday Girl is all about. Those mornings where you can potter around the house, soak up the sun, switch off, read a book, drink tea and be exactly who you are in your own skin. Those mornings where you get to be you, do what you want without fear of judgement or self-judgement. Indulge. Play with some fabulous jewellery, try on some of your favourite clothes, devour a delicious breakfast and then when you’re done, go straight back to bed and relax. And that’s what I do almost every Sunday, my ritual, my time to be no body else but me.

photography | Madelyn Rose
makeup | Depths of Beauty
hair | Chantal Davis
wardrobe supplied by | One Hundred Words Boutique
location thanks to | The Love Design Initiative
bts footage | Matt Tully