Au naturel 

For those of you who have been following my chemical free journey over the past year or so will know I’ve been gently making the transition from chemical laden mass market cosmetic products to simple, natural and organic alternatives. There has been a lot of trial and error and the switches didn’t happen all at once, over night. My skin has gone through a bunch of changes (including dealing with hormonal acne from going off the pill), but regardless of the breakouts and changes I resisted the allure of the shiny cosmetics aisle of the super market promising the latest breakthrough technology (aka unnatural!!) for amazing skin, and came through the other side of my journey with a super simple skin routine which I love.


Grown Alchemist

Let’s start with the cleansing. I’ve tried a fair few natural cleansers but found a lot of them don’t foam, because the agents that create a lather quite commonly are chemical compounds. But this Grown Alchemest cleanser is definitely my fave. Pro top: double cleanse at night to remove makeup and always cleanse before exfoliating. If your skin feels clean in the morning, just slash it with hot water and don’t bother stripping it of it’s natural oils.  Find it here.

Black Soap 

For my body I use this amazing silky soft African Black Liquid Soap. Scented naturally with the intoxicating mixture of essential lemongrass oil and coconut oil, is lathers perfectly for shaving legs and even shampooing (for short uncoloured hair perfect for your lazy boyfriend who can use it as a shaving cream too!). Find it here


Home made toner

I use a home made toner comprised of one part organic un-sweetende apple cider vinegar and two parts filtered water. The ACV is really amazing for killing bacteria which I was fighting when I had hormonal acne. Wipe some on an organic cotton bud after cleansing and wipe across problem areas. It can be drying so be sure to moisturise! Pop it in a pretty bottle at viola!

Soothing Gel

This one was a LIFESAVER for my hormonal changes. Hormonal acne is different from your regular spots and pimples because it’s so deep in the skin, it hurts, is red and becomes inflamed. Basically it sucks! But getting my natural hormones back in check was and is very important to me so I stuck it out! I used this light as air moisturiser to soothe my skin, and when I needed ezra moisture I’d just put an extra layer on. Find it here

Rosehip Oil

Now that it’s been about 9 months since being off the pill, my body has finally come ’round and my hormones are back in check. This is the first time I’ve had my skin in its natural, uninfluenced state since I was a teenager and turns out it’s actually quite dry at times! At night after cleansing (and maybe toning if I feel like I need it especially during my period), I dampen my hands with water and apply two drops of organic rose hip oil to my palm, rub them together and slather across my face. I thought the oil would give me breakouts and be too heavy, but after about a month of this it’s feeling great.

If you aren’t ready for an all-over oil moisturiser, use this one around your eyes at night as a natural anti-wrinkle serum! Find it here

Fake Tan

Living at the beach I spend so much time in the sun but like to keep my face hidden. Sometimes I switch out my rose hip oil for EcoTan to give me a glow which is perfect because I rarely wear makeup it evens out my skin tone. Bonus points because it’s all natural! Find it here


Believe the hype. This stuff is GOOD! 100% vegan, natural and literally edible should you feel so inclined to eat it… which is tempting because it smells incredible. Scrub away twice a week, maybe more in summer for glowing skin. Hot tip: if you have those bumps on your arm, lightly scrub every day and after a few weeks they will disappear.  Find it here


While we’re at it, let’s talk briefly about other areas you can swap out mass market products for natural alternatives. Read all about the reasons why I switched to a bamboo toothbrush here. While you’re at it, ditch the Colgate supermarket crap and invite in some natural goodness into your daily brushing routine. I love the Red Seal baking soda tooth paste, tastes just as minty and fresh as anything else and the baking soda is a great natural way to whiten. Pro tip: once a week squeeze a little lemon juice onto your toothpaste and brush for a super whitening treatment! Find  you natural bamboo toothbrush here