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So it’s official: today marks the first day we move into #floralsforspringgroundbreaking territory. But that doesn’t mean you have to compensate on your personal style for the sake of season. Aka, wear whatever you want, when you want. And if what you want is to avoid all chances of stepping out looking like an overgrown bougainvillea bush, then read on.

Of course in the cooler months we curl up in dark cosy sweaters and big black coats, and yes toward summer we begin to peel off the laters (read: joyously fling them into the air in celebration that winter is fucking finally over!), but does Spring it mean we have to brighten up our palette?

The simple answer is no.

To give you a little background, over the course of the past six months I’ve slowly but surely been auditing down my wardrobe, eliminating most colours and patterns down to black, white, grey, blue, denim and the occasional neutral camel/beige tone… occasional! There came a point when I would open my wardrobe full of clothes but still have nothing to wear. Faced with a classic case of more-is-more, it was time to start scaling back.

I pulled out the pieces I wear all the time, my non-negotiables and laid them on my bed. I was left with a total  kaleidoscopic mess of a cupboard. However to my right, on the bed I was greeted with a calming palette of neutrals, blacks, crisp whites, deep french navy’s, and the occasional heather grey.

To me, as a serial outfit repeater, print isn’t something I can wear often. As much as I wanted to envelope myself in Josh Goot’s foray into digital prints or those Isabel Marant coloured fur’s, no matter how much street style cred they would have given me circa SS11/12, I couldn’t bare forking out the money for a fleeting moment of colourful sartorial gratification.

So why the love for all black on today of all days?

Because on a deeper level, black can feel like a shield or a way to assert some control. I know that when I wear my favourite black boots or my black leather jacket, part of me feels invincible. From a fashion perspective, it helps you feel put-together, eliminating questions of “Does this match?” from the daily equation.

Here are a few staple items I love to get you started for spring:

Tee dress
Mini bag
A-line skirt