A former fashion PR Girl, Miann swapped triple espressos and the hectic daily grind in Sydney for a freedom oriented life in sea side town the Gold Coast that balances style with wellbeing. Seamlessly blending her urban sense of style with her coastal setting, Miann’s influence and unique aesthetic crosses borders both nationally and internationally.

Miann’s appeal is broad because her story is grounded in absolute sincerity: A coming of age story where a young woman decided to take control of her destiny and carve a life and career for herself where her health and happiness are at the forefront. She is a passionate life enthusiast and blends personal style anecdotes with musings on all topics from life as a freelancer and business owner, to spirituality, and positive affirmations all the while rocking a pair of signature black boots and statement sunglasses – Miann is all about balance.

Over the  two years since the launch of her website, Miann has worked with numerous Australian and international brands including Westfield, Tourism Australia, Sass & Bide, Sephora, Free People, Top Shop, Samantha Wills, Planet Blue,  Ace Hotel, Maurie & Eve, Larsson & Jennings, Lack of Color and many more. She has also been profiled by The Australian, Buzzfeed, VOGUE Japan, Move Nourish Believe and featured on the cover of Style Magaine while also contributing to online publications Who What Wear, Free People, and many more.

Behind the eye of the camera, Miann is also a creative director, brand manager, creative consultant, and content producer for fashion and lifestyle brands. Her days are spent devising marketing strategy, producing shoots, writing articles and consulting international brands on their entry into the Australian market.

“For a long while now I’ve been dancing on the beautiful line between style and wellbeing, and the journey has been an incredible catalyst of self discovery. To some, fashion and wellbeing are opposing passions that traditionally don’t have a lot to do with each other and can even come with heavy and inaccurate stereotypes. I blur the line between two, making them both more accessible… I can meditate, cleanse my crystals by the moon, give love to The Universe and wear Alexander Wang.”

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