To walk out the door every single day without much more makeup than a light lick of mascara, a little bronzer, brushed eyebrows and a tinted lip.. that’s the dream, isn’t it?

That used to be me, that was until I went off the pill a year and a half ago. I understand how my skin has reacted due to the stress I had unknowingly put my body under since I was roughly 14. I don’t regret the decision to stop taking synthetic hormones, despite the crazy hormonal acne that I had to endure for about a year. I’ve worked with a naturopath to balance my hormones naturally, and a Chinese doctor to sort out the rest of what’s going on internally, and I still have bouts of spots due to my monthly cycle, but it’s the scarring that gets to me the most.

Post inflammatory pigmentation (PIP), to be precise. You see, hormonal pimples are deep down in the skin, cystic by nature they rarely come to the surface. But on my fair skin, they still leave a dark purple mark long after they have made their retreat. I spend wayyyyyyyyy too much time getting ready concealing all of these areas of pigmentation, when I may only have one or two blemishes at present. Which is why I thought I’d try Laser Gensis after a girlfriend of mine had gotten amazing results from her treatments.

At first I was so terrified of the idea of the laser, yes it can be dangerous, yes there are risks involved, so I did a lot of research and shopped around to find a knowledgable, certified technician, which is how I found Esteem Medispa. On my first visit to get Genesis, the girls let me know that not only did I have PIP, but I also had sun damage! Which isn’t a surprise given how much I’m in the sun, but I always wear sunscreen and use Eco Tan on my face instead of relying on the sun to get my glow. This was totally devastating news, but luckily it turned out that Laser Genesis is great for healing sun damage and even ageing.

By gently heating the skin, this creates a bit of a stir in the dermis which causes new collagen to be produces, while also targeting the tiny vessels beneath the skins surface, diffusing the redness.

I’ve had only one treatment and I’m hoping to have a few more, but the next day I could definitely tell my complexion was a little more even, and best yet, the skin around my eyes appeared more youthful.

Stay tuned for next week’s results!!

Esteem Media Spa is located in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast



When did we get so caught up in trying to eat what the overwhelming surplus of conflicting health information says is right, that we stopped eating in a way that’s right for us?

The wisdom our bodies hold is truly profound. They respond to every little thing going on in our lives and talk to us about everything from what nutrients it needs, to what road to go down for that big decision we have to make. But with so many fad “life style diets” and health trends, it’s no wonder we seem to be more in tune with what we’re told by the outside world rather than what our own bodies are trying to tell us.

Over the course of the past two years I decided to stop pretending that I knew what was best for me and instead asked my body to guide me. Learning to communicate with your body can be one of the most effective tools for your health and your happiness. To learn more on how to become more in tune with your body, read this.

Most of all, I believe yoga was the catalyst that helped me come in to my body and learn how to instinctively listen. There’s just something about connecting the mind to the body and the breath; learning how to become acquainted with and move into every corner of your body. I’ve spoken to many friends who have been on a similar yoga journey, and the truths their bodies have told them once they started to listen have been truly profound.

Here are a few things I learned from listening to my body. I want to emphasize again that we are all different, what I’ve been told by my body won’t necessarily be the same lessons you have to learn from yours. But that’s all part of the fun, loving all the twists and turns of the journey and finding joy within the beauty of the secrets that our amazing bodies reveal to us along the way.

Nuts make me really tired

It might be a bit of a no-brainer to many, but to me, this was my all-time favourite snack since I was a kid. Don’t even get me started on how much I love pepitas! I was in Bali for two months last year for a week long raw vegan yoga retreat. After the retreat, I fell back into a few of my regular habits which I thought were healthy, namely snacking on nuts. But I soon realized that each time I ate my beloved seeds and nuts, I was tired to the point of wanting to nap.

Turns out nuts take far more digestive energy to break down than fresh produce like the raw dishes I had been eating at the retreat. Foods that are dense in nature with high levels of omega 6 fats are strenuous on the digestive system. Now, I only have nuts and seeds to add some weight to a light salad.

Cacao isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

About two years after getting my diet pretty well in check, I jumped on the raw cacao band wagon and thought it was too good to be true! Chocolate vegan smoothies for breakfast? Yes please! But again, after assessing how I felt after adding cacao to my diet, something wasn’t quite right. I did some reading into the supposed superfood and found that for people with a sensitive stomach like mine or sensitivities to anxiety, cacao is just another nicely packaged marketing tool in the health industry.

While high in antioxidants and magnesium, the overall nutritional value of the food isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Many of the chemicals that cacao stimulates (serotonin, ananadamide, dopamine, and endorphins) all in the same manner over-stimulate the autonomic nervous system and adrenal gland, thrusting the body into a state of fight or flight, which for anyone who has dealt with anxiety knows…this is very undesirable.

Salty foods bring on sugar cravings

While I’m not too sure if there is any research to support this one, this is simply something I’ve noticed about my own patterns after I worked to cut out a lot of excess sodium and salty foods from my diet. Eventually I had just about eliminated adding regular table salt to everything and instead replaced it with fresh lemon. But on the odd occasion I found I was still craving salt, which was probably my body’s way of asking for the minerals, so I allowed myself pink Himalayan rock salt. However, not long after a meal I’d have a hankering for sugar! I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this one! If you have any clues let me know in the comments below.

I’m allergic to dairy

This has been the biggest and most profound discovery to date. Growing up chugging milk straight from the carton, feasting on cheese and creamy yogurt goodness, I was in denial for a few months before I started to accept and adapt to my allergy. My whole life I’ve had nothing but problems with my digestion. Doctors thought I had IBS or an E. Coli imbalance in my gut flora – I went through countless doctors, countless blood tests, and endless medications. Never had it occurred to anyone, including myself, that I was putting something in my body that it didn’t like. I decided to give it up for a month, and the changes in my energy, digestion, skin, weight etc were astounding!

After a crazy day or when things feel just that little bit off, it’s often that I’ll jump in my car with my surfboard and hit the highway to seek refuge in the cool, calming waters of the Pass, Byron Bay. Yet, even with that flighty sense of urgency to run away, I always opt to take the long road into Byron, the scenic route, which takes me through a little town called Bangalow.

The quaint town is nestled in the hills of the northern New South Wales hinterland. The town speaks of simpler times, the yesteryears, where all you need is less… Before PYP, I’d only actually stopped once to put fuel in my car. A kind old man startled me as he opened my door and asked how much fuel I’d like. It’s this kind of old-world human interaction that draws me to drive through this town time and time again.

Beyond the quirky boutiques and rundown gas stations, there is a deeper spiritual undertone to the town than meets the eye. Perhaps this is why the last time I visited, when headed for the show grounds for PYP, I felt a sense of support as I drove Bangalow’s quiet streets, this time with a purpose.

As I entered the show grounds I was greeted by ultra lush fields of green grass and a massive kata tipi dwarfed by ancient gum trees. A few hundred women gathered under tipi seeking shade, refuge from the sun, and inspiration from the events that were about to transpire.

Pursue Your Passion is an event with one goal: to inspire young women to pursue their creative, entrepreneurial and career aspirations, no matter how big or how crazy the dream.  And that’s what we did; All two-hundred-and-something of us looking to the speakers, to each other, and looking deep within ourselves to chase our dreams.

Michelle, founder of Essence of Living was first to take the stage and reminded us that while it is best to dream, and dream BIG, that we must first check our intentions, especially if they come from a place of ego. If the goal is in place because we want to get rich quick, or perhaps paint a popular image of ourselves, then the work we will do to fulfill this, will ultimately be unfulfilling. She continued on through her personal experiences and then posed the question: what next?

We find comfort in our fear, and making the leap from our safety bubble can be absolutely terrifying. Biting the bullet and branding out is one of the hardest things you can do, I’ve done it myself and it’s scary! But Michelle urged us to come up with an AWCS (Absolute Worst Case Scenario). Because really, what is the absolute worst that can happen? We may stumble and fail, but if we never stumble and we never fail, we never learn. But what if you don’t fail? What if you succeed? You’ll never know until you try.

Michelle’s take away messages from the talk were:

1.    Get crystal clear on your intention

2.    Align that with a life of meaning (free from the ego)

3.    Find the right mentors

Then we met Lizzy – One half of the gypset lifestyle international powerhouse Spell and the Gypsy Collective. Lizzy is the kind of girl who although has it all figured out, isn’t afraid to admit that she’s still finding her feet, day by day. We met Lizzy as a young “ideas girl” growing up in a creative household full of paints and leathers and tassels and artwork strewn about the house. Though being the girl with great ideas, she didn’t know how this would translate into a university degree.

As a young adult, she ebbed and flowed in an industry which wasn’t her passion, and she kept walking down a path which didn’t quite feel right, but it was safe. After a breakup, she found herself living in Bondi in a really dark place and says “When you’re lost and you need a change, it feels like you’re constantly living your days in a dark room. But all you need is a light to come on, momentarily, for a split second, and it can change everything”. Her friends booked her into an inspirational workshop when she had her light-bulb moment, to partner with her sister Spelly (who was already working on Spell) and take the label to the next level.

Lizzy immediately lit up, her eyes sparkled and she became animated. You could see clear as day that this is her true passion, she had found it, and it’s that feeling we are all trying to find. She described it as “the turquoise feeling” when she was designing turquoise jewellery with her sister for the label.

Lizzy’s top take away messages which she attributes the success of her brand to:

1.    Embracing the online world

2.    Not being afraid to delegate, and build the team around you

3.    Keep the brand authentic


Last we met Lisa. The spirit within her is strong, and you sense that when she gets up on the stage. She emanates warmth and love, and you can tell she is a nurturer by nature. Lisa is a business coach and director of Sacred Women’s Business. As a child, Lisa was envious of those that knew what they wanted to do be when they grew up. But Lisa being Lisa, she moved into medicine to help people. During her time in medicine, she saw so many people on their death beds regretting and lamenting for not having lived to their full potential and eventually her role began to change and develop into what it is now thanks to a few light-bulb moments that totally changed tack on her course.

Lisa urged us to take the impulse dream within us seriously and commit to it with full purposeful presence. “Generally our expectation is that life will turn out to be more difficult than it should be. But do you think the dream would exist within your heart if you weren’t really capable of doing it?” Her advise was to expect something wonderful to happen, everyday, and it will redirect your energy, freeing up so much space for positive visualization.

Lisa’s takeaway messages from the day:

1.    Take the dream within you seriously

2.    Don’t be the victim or protagonist in your own life

3.    Expect something wonderful to happen, every single day

I had my own light bulb moment while at PYP. Many girls were asking me for social media tips, so I decided to package them all into neat little series of eBooks which I’ll be announcing the release of soon!

I extend my endless gratitude to the speakers, the amazing MC Shelly Craft (who had experienced her own moment of magic on the day), Helena and Kristal from ‘The Holistic Project‘ who brought us all together and of course all of the young women who are hungry for positive change.


Bali will always have a place in my heart.

It was the first place my parents escaped to during a forbidden romance when they were young and in love. It’s an island where my father lived for a few months as a young man, spending his days from sunrise to sunset surfing and hanging with the locals. It was the island of Bali where I went to heal after losing a parent to cancer. For the two months I spent on the island, it was the Balinese people’s love and healing spirit that enveloped me and began to place the pieces of my broken heart back together.

Palm trees line the beaches, while a hot tropical breeze washes over the shore year round. The air throughout Bali smells sweet with the burning incense of holy offerings made throughout the day, and during times of worship at the temples, the delightful ringing of bells sweep through the calm dawn or dusk air. The island speaks of simpler times, the yesteryears, where all you need is less.

Where: Ubud

Beyond the palm trees and crystal blue waters, there is a deeper spiritual undertone to the island than meets the eye. Ubud is where my journey began. Nestled in the jungle deep in the middle of the island, Ubud is a mecca for all things health and wellbeing.


There are so many beautiful hideaways in Ubud. Pop into the more upmarket stays like The Hanging Garden and the Viceroy, but I love the accommodation at The Yoga Barn. They tailor yoga retreats and programs around your personal travel dates, and it’s the best way to meet like minded yogis to continue your adventure though Bali.


I have a feeling there are more organic raw vegan restaurants in Ubud than anywhere else on earth. Try Clear Café, Soma, Alchemy, Down to Earth, Yellow Flower, Kafe, Little K… the list is endless!


Walk through the Monkey Forrest, try yummy Balinese coffee Kopi Luak, do the lush Campuhan Ridge Walk, but my absolute favorite is visiting the Tutra Empul temple to receive a blessing submerged in rainwater surrounded by 1000 year old ancient ruins.




Post image for The Freelancers Guide to Staying OrganizedI’ve always been a pretty organized person. Sometimes I even dance the fine line between organized vs. obsessive — to the point where I can’t sleep if my room isn’t clean, or I generally feel as if my world is crashing down around me if there’s clutter in my apartment. But even with my books that are laden with colored tabs and notes, my color-coordinated closet (with matching wooden hangers), and a paper filing system that works with both color and the alphabet, I still had much to learn about being organized when I made the change to the freelance life.For years I told myself (and others) that I could never work for myself. The fear of being totally accountable for everything that happens in the business was intimidating and overwhelming. That is, until I went through some pretty big life changes and lo and behold I fell into the world of freelancing. And now that I have the hang of it, I love it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being your own boss comes with many freedoms. You can choose your own hours, which for me means running down to the beach at lunch to have a surf or catching up with a girlfriend over a smoothie. You literally get to run your own race, but this also means that there’s no one to tell you when to get out of bed or remind you of what needs to be done and by when. You rely entirely on yourself and are fully accountable for all of your work, which means you must stay on top of your game.

As I continue on my journey, from blogger, to freelancer, to new business owner and now working with Free People over here in Australia, here are a few of my tricks of the trade to stay organized:

Make a priorities list:

Possibly one of the most satisfying activities for an overly-organized person like myself is that feeling of striking out a task once it’s complete. Daily, I seek the gratification of that ultimate horizontal pen stroke dancing my way toward the bottom of the page.

But there’s more to it than jotting down a bunch of tasks. One of the best tips for crafting the ultimate To Do list is ensuring to include an action in the task and also address the project. This combats trying to decipher those late night cryptic memos, or notes scribbled on napkins.

Let’s use writing this blog post as an example.

[Action verb] [task] for [project].

Following the freelancers formula (remembering that your brain will, 90% of the time, be  juggling more tasks than a Cirque Du Soleil performer) your task will look a little something like this: Write blog post for Free People. Et Viola!

End of day re-group:

Once you’re done for the day (even if it’s a 3 am finish), take an extra five minutes to work on your new list for the next time you will be working. Carry over tasks that weren’t finished, I like to circle the dot point and then craft my list with a fresh set of eyes in the morning based on priority.

Set work hours (and task hours):

When you start out freelancing, you go through what I call the honeymoon period. There are many days spent sunbathing, countless sleep-ins, staying up to watch a full season of your favorite TV show simply because you can. Which is amazing, but this doesn’t get your work done.

Slowly you will develop your own routine. I realized that I am most creative in the mornings, so don’t touch my email inbox until the afternoon and instead focus my fresh attention to writing articles, brainstorming concepts and styling shoots. Additionally, when you start freelancing there will be a handful of mundane tasks that no matter what industry you’re in, always end up getting pushed back because something more pressing or exciting has presented itself. Blocking out time slots for these tasks helps you work toward an achievable time-based goal.

Make your electronic calendar your new best friend:

My iCal and I are the best of friends. She knows everything about the inner workings of my life. First things first, the difference between my iCal and my To Do list is that the To Do list is a day-to-day task manager, whereas my iCal shows me the bigger picture. Appointments, meetings, birthdays, travel details, reminders to send hand-written thank you notes after an event… I think of my iCal as my week or month, and my To Do list as my day.

One of my favourite things about having an electronic calendar is that you can share certain calendars with your friends, family or business partner. It makes life fun. My business partner and I share a few calendars, if she has a meeting she wants me to see, she adds it to the iCal and I receive a notification. Seriously magic stuff!

Email filing system:

This has got to be my favorite organization hack of all time. I picked up this trick at my first job as a fashion PR girl where being organized is not only necessary, but also means the difference between living a relatively normal life and being in the office until 10pm each night.

The idea to the perfect inbox is filing an email once it has been actioned, so that you can look at your inbox ultimately as another To Do list… hence the term “inbox clearing”. The goal is to have as little emails sitting in your inbox as possible, because whatever is visible needs to be actioned.

To do this, create a bunch of email folders with bold headings like BILLS, PHOTO SHOOTS, COMMISSIONS, EVENTS, FINANCE, etc. and under each heading have a sub heading. This will take some time and you will most likely add to them as you go, but categorizing emails also helps you retrieve them with ease.

You can thank me later.

Play foreign music while working to keep attention:

They say playing classical music while studying helps you retain information at a much higher rate. If Brahms or Beethoven isn’t quite your thing, jump on a program like Spotify and discover the world of Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Buena Vista Social Club, just to name a few. The music will energize and intrigue you while not being distracting, especially important when you’re writing.


Clear the clutter and put things away:

For a freelancer, having an impeccably spotless work space will translate directly to your work. Clear your space of clutter and put things away immediately after you have used them. There is no better time to do it than right now. If you’re not using it right this second or in the next few days, it goes.

Make your mess pretty:

While the idea of having a work space that Mary Poppins would be proud of is something to strive for, sometimes it just simply isn’t attainable. If this is the case, make an effort to make your mess pretty. Have a bunch of pens lying around? Put them in a cute cup or a rustic-looking pen holder. I like to weigh my receipts down with a beautiful rock, having them out reminds me that they need auctioning but it also works them into the theme of my décor.

Use inspirational quotes:

Working in social media, I spend a lot of time getting lost in the backwaters of Instagram and Pinterest… if there’s a quote overlayed on a beautiful photo, chances are I’ve seen it. However the quote below is one I got in a fortune cookie when I was 16. I’ve since lost the piece of paper, so instead I decided to hand write it and pin it to the board above my desk. Who knew that 8 years later it would be so relevant to me now: “Killing time murders opportunities.”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

For those of you who have been following my chemical free journey over the past year or so will know I’ve been gently making the transition from chemical laden mass market cosmetic products to simple, natural and organic alternatives.

There has been a lot of trial and error and the switches didn’t happen all at once, over night. My skin has gone through a bunch of changes (including dealing with hormonal acne from going off the pill), but regardless of the breakouts and changes I resisted the allure of the shiny cosmetics aisle of the super market promising the latest breakthrough technology (aka unnatural!!) for amazing skin, and came through the other side of my journey with a super simple skin routine which I love. Skin care shouldn’t be complicated!


Grown Alchemist

Let’s start with the cleansing. I’ve tried a fair few natural cleansers but found a lot of them don’t foam, because the agents that create a lather quite commonly are chemical compounds. But this Grown Alchemest cleanser is definitely my fave. Pro top: double cleanse at night to remove makeup and always cleanse before exfoliating. If your skin feels clean in the morning, just slash it with hot water and don’t bother stripping it of it’s natural oils.  Find it here.

Black Soap 

For my body I use this amazing silky soft African Black Liquid Soap. Scented naturally with the intoxicating mixture of essential lemongrass oil and coconut oil, is lathers perfectly for shaving legs and even shampooing (for short uncoloured hair perfect for your lazy boyfriend who can use it as a shaving cream too!). Find it here


Home made toner

I use a home made toner comprised of one part organic un-sweetende apple cider vinegar and two parts filtered water. The ACV is really amazing for killing bacteria which I was fighting when I had hormonal acne. Wipe some on an organic cotton bud after cleansing and wipe across problem areas. It can be drying so be sure to moisturise! Pop it in a pretty bottle at viola!

Soothing Gel

This one was a LIFESAVER for my hormonal changes. Hormonal acne is different from your regular spots and pimples because it’s so deep in the skin, it hurts, is red and becomes inflamed. Basically it sucks! But getting my natural hormones back in check was and is very important to me so I stuck it out! I used this light as air moisturiser to soothe my skin, and when I needed ezra moisture I’d just put an extra layer on. Find it here

Rosehip Oil

Now that it’s been about 9 months since being off the pill, my body has finally come ’round and my hormones are back in check. This is the first time I’ve had my skin in its natural, uninfluenced state since I was a teenager and turns out it’s actually quite dry at times! At night after cleansing (and maybe toning if I feel like I need it especially during my period), I dampen my hands with water and apply two drops of organic rose hip oil to my palm, rub them together and slather across my face. I thought the oil would give me breakouts and be too heavy, but after about a month of this it’s feeling great.

If you aren’t ready for an all-over oil moisturiser, use this one around your eyes at night as a natural anti-wrinkle serum! Find it here

Fake Tan

Living at the beach I spend so much time in the sun but like to keep my face hidden. Sometimes I switch out my rose hip oil for EcoTan to give me a glow which is perfect because I rarely wear makeup it evens out my skin tone. Bonus points because it’s all natural! Find it here



Believe the hype. This stuff is GOOD! 100% vegan, natural and literally edible should you feel so inclined to eat it… which is tempting because it smells incredible. Scrub away twice a week, maybe more in summer for glowing skin. Hot tip: if you have those bumps on your arm, lightly scrub every day and after a few weeks they will disappear.  Find it here



While we’re at it, let’s talk briefly about other areas you can swap out mass market products for natural alternatives. Read all about the reasons why I switched to a bamboo toothbrush here. While you’re at it, ditch the Colgate supermarket crap and invite in some natural goodness into your daily brushing routine. I love the Red Seal baking soda tooth paste, tastes just as minty and fresh as anything else and the baking soda is a great natural way to whiten. Pro tip: once a week squeeze a little lemon juice onto your toothpaste and brush for a super whitening treatment! Find  you natural bamboo toothbrush here


miann scanlan cait miers photography lottie hall crustacean coral bait dress fashion style underwater ocean miann scanlan cait miers photography lottie hall crustacean coral bait dress fashion style underwater ocean miann scanlan cait miers photography lottie hall crustacean coral bait dress fashion style underwater ocean miann scanlan cait miers photography lottie hall crustacean coral bait dress fashion style underwater ocean Miann X Cait-54-B


So it’s been a while since I hit the road to Byron to catch up with the master behind the lens that is Cait Miers. Last time we shot together I threw a bunch of clothes on and we headed for a nondescript white wall, not knowing just how far and wide across the internet and magazines those images would be. Last time we shot together, I also called out that Cait was the next big thing.

No surprises there!!

Not being one who lives for being in front of the lens (anyone who actually knows me, knows I enjoy it about as much as waxing – which ain’t all that much). But Cait being the super mellow cruisy chick that she is, and me being not all that keen on playing model, we again, threw a bunch of clothes on and headed for the sand and decided to have a play. I love how the colours and silky finish of the dress are contrasted against the neutral textures of the sand. We were inspired by the amazing curved hem and decided to play with form and shape in the photos.

Thanks to my amazing friend Lottie Hall for my new Coral Bait Dress. If you love it as much as I do, head here to grab one for yourself!

Photography – @caitmiersphotography
Dress – Lottie Hall

A few months back I headed off to absolute tropical paradise of the Gili Islands off Lombok, Indonesia to document what goes on behind the scenes of this year’s CLEO x Billabong range shoot. You can check out my bts shots here and a video here.

Last week I went and picked up the range from the Billabong head office here at home on the Gold Coast, I was greeted by the amazing model Nat’s bright, warm smile filling the giant windows of the store and I couldn’t help feel a little proud. It’s being such an exciting journey and it’s been a pleasure witnessing the stages of the creative process as it all slowly unravels and comes to fruition.

Since being on location, I’ve had my eye on a few favourite pieces from the CLEO x Billabong collection and here’s my take on them below.

miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion

miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion grace bijoux aloha vice mandala silver jewellery

Island Love Overswim top (worn backwards) CLEO x Billabong | Seminyak Bustier bikini top & Seminyak Lowrider bikini bottom CLEO x Billabong | Sunglasses Nick Campbell | Hat & Boots vintage | Belt Grace Bijoux | Sarong from Bali | Rings Aloha Vice, Fifth Element Life, Holly Ryan, Sportsgirl, Ono Jewellery

miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion beach chic white matching set

miann scanlan billabong cleo magazine collaboration desert spell designs california style fashion beach chic white matching set

Fortune Cami top CLEO x Billabong | Sun Haze Pant CLEO x Billabong | Rings Aloha Vice, Fifth Element Life, Holly Ryan, Sportsgirl, Ono Jewellery, Baby Anything, Karen Walker

billabong womens cleo magazine bikini summer beach fit model tanned blonde beach hair texture sea salt spray ocean australia queensland gold coast _MG_8934-b-crop

Seminyak Bustier bikini top & Seminyak Lowrider bikini bottom CLEO x Billabong | Sunglasses Nick Campbell

Photos by Tess Leopold


Ryan Gosling hey girl renegade collective hub miann scanlan business young entrepreneur

If you haven’t yet gone out to grab yourself a copy of my all time FAVOURITE magazine – now’s the time to do so because a) Ryan Gosling is on the cover, and b) did I mention it’s my favourite magazine?

So it was an honour to sit down with Kayla with digital manager and talk all things social media. See for yourself below!

Renegade Collective September 2014 miann scanlan social media instagram instafamous followers audience likes ryan gosling blogger fashion


For more head to the Collective Hub

While talking about death can be tricky, and even seem taboo, it’s one of the many facets of life itself. We encounter death every day when we read the newspaper or turn on the TV, but we are mostly detached, as losing a loved one is not necessarily something everyone goes through.

But having gone through the motions of grief recently, I’d like to talk about what we are learning from this aspect of life that none of us can escape from experiencing at some point or another.

Things will change forever, for the better.

As I write this article, today marks two years since I lost a parent to cancer. And still, two years on, it never ceases to amaze me how daily, things about the world just seem to be making more and more sense to me. For instance, this quote two-and-a-bit years ago would have seemed like another hippie-esque cliché reserved for bumper stickers and tacky household nick-knacks…but hindsight is a beautiful thing.

“The flower that blooms in adversity, is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

You see, while grief is (I believe) one of the most gut wrenching, confusing, and horrific human emotions, it also has the potential to be one of the most beautiful and rewarding. I’ve always felt a sharp pang of shame when I say I am grateful for my grief – but had I not suffered such a tremendous loss, I would not have the positive outlook on life that I have today.


Nothing is as big as it seems

Problems begin to disappear, because in comparison to what you have just experienced, trivial issues like the toaster breaking or missing the bus are put in true perspective. These are minor, if not irrelevant speed bumps in the grand scheme of things, and you will forever take them more lovingly in your stride.


The clichés are true.

Back on the bumper sticker talk… “Carpe Diem – seize the day!” “Life is what you make it,” “Live every day like it’s your last,” “Life is short, buy the shoes.” Hell YEAH I want these cringe-worthy statements slapped across my car, because they are damn well true. Life is short – very short – and so unbelievably, incomprehensibly precious. And this kind of over-the-top enthusiasm about life is something you feel when you witness death first hand.


Love never leaves you.

Grief is never easy. It creeps up on you and disguises itself, buried deep within those fleeting moments when something doesn’t quite feel right.  It can also pop up during times of bliss and joy – it seems so crazy to cry when you are laughing, but the extreme range of emotions sometimes crossover. Just go with it. This is because when you lose someone, you lose a piece of yourself, and when that piece is taken away nothing will ever quite be the same.  The beauty is that while you have lost a part of yourself, you will always carry that person around in your heart and when pain and sadness do pop up, it is just a reminder of the beautiful love you shared.

You will learn to speak your tongue.

Unfortunately for us humans, there is something that seems to holds us back in critical emotional moments. Those moments when your soul is aching for you to verbally express your love and affection toward somebody, but the fear of rejection or sounding silly makes us bite our tongue. Goodbyes are never easy, but when you have to say your last goodbyes, for real, you find a tremendous amount of courage to let the love flow. And it will probably keep flowing as life goes on. Tap into the child inside of you who has no reservations about expressing emotion, happy or sad.


Grief affects everyone around you.

The natural reaction to when a friend is going through a tough time is to reach out and offer your shoulder to cry on, should they need it. But during times of adversity, particularly when dealing with death, it’s important to understand that everyone reacts differently.  For example, if you’re going through a break up, usually your girlfriends will want to pop a bottle of bubbly and take you for a night out on the town. However, there isn’t really a text book method of support for when the grief stems from someone’s passing.

While you may crave empathy and nourishment, understand that you need to be empathetic to those around you who might not know how to handle the situation. Speak with your friends, and ask them if they are okay – they may be grieving too. Don’t be afraid to be direct and discuss support, even if it means asking that they call you every day for a chat. I can almost guarantee that if you ask, they will.