As seen in The Collective Magazine issue #14

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While society and our inherently voyeuristic nature for the most part are to blame for the social phenomenon, Instagram engagement numbers are a brand’s most valuable currency, right up there with actual sales numbers. In the modern digital age consumers can detect pushy sales messaging and transparent marketing tactics from a virtual mile away. The consumer has a lot more pull when it comes to determining the success of a brand due entirely to social sharing and only brands grounded in sincerity seem to cut through all the noise.

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“I shut my eyes in order to see” – Paul Gaugin

become more in tune with gut feeling intuition how to trust

You’ve heard the expression ‘trust your gut’ but there’s a lot more to the saying than mere colloquialism. That gut feeling is a powerful force within us, and while many times it’s an unwelcomed visitor, it should always be received and respected because it’s a sign in a life where we don’t receive many signs. It’s the answer you wish you could get from the wind and the warning you wish someone could give you. It’s that spiritual connection you literally can’t get anywhere else, and it’s the deepest connection you have with your innermost self.

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Who said crayons are just for kids?

nudestix sephora makeup lip cheek pencil crayon soft cream blush

You show me a new way to simplify my beauty routine, I’ll sit up and listen intently! As was the case when I saw a beauty blogger using NudeSTIX to update her daytime makeup for an afterwork look. I had to know more. A few clicks of the mouse on later and I found myself applying makeup with crayons from chic matte-black tins, definitely an upgrade from my Crayola days as a kid.

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As seen on Who What Wear

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The pendulum of my sartorial choices swings constantly between two extremes: city scape and sea side. Living in a coastal town far from the city isn’t exactly conducive to satisfying my inner fashion girl who yearns for edgy, modern, minimalist statement pieces in head-to-toe black. Though no matter which city I am in the world, I always pay homage to my upbringing by the sea speaking to memories of sunsets shared with friends, salty hair and sunkissed skin, follow my tips below to give your style a sea change to amalgamate the best of both worlds.

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