A gathering of real-life mermaids

the lane water colour calligraphy workshop bridal events luxe ocean setting winter table decor crockery ceramics hand made pastel

It’s not every Friday that you spend your afternoon sipping softly pastel blue coloured cocktails and scribing ocean inspired quotes in watercolour calligraphy onto textured paper as the effervescent chatter of likeminded women rings sweetly through the air. However with thanks to local digital publication The Lane, who hosted the elegant lunch soirée in celebration of both their June water Style Guide (and a 5th anniversary to match), we celebrated in true sea-side style.

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Mind your business


Ahh, technology, how I adore thee. I can go on my morning walk while listening to classic French literature on Spotify. I can shop online, attend online yoga classes, sit in on global web seminars, even build an entire business online and work from wherever I am in the world. Don’t even get me started on Netflix + Seamless = <3.

But flourishing in the digital age comes with its own challenges. From shattered iPhone screens, losing years’ worth of photos and data on broken hard drives, to waterlogged laptops, trust me I’ve endured it all. Through the tears, the huge bills, the endless hours on the phone with IT help and the total meltdowns (myself and my computer included), I’ve learnt one all-important lesson.

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You are what you read

I’m the type of girl who gets lost for hours perusing the titles and blubs of the books in a person’s home because for some reason, since I was a child, I’ve always gravitated toward the books rather than the decor. Like a big sister reading a little sister’s private diary, a guest at a party snooping in a medicine cabinet, or a spy rifling through a bottom drawer for hidden scandals and secrets, you can tell a lot about a person simply by the books that line their shelf.

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Every. Damn. Day!

acai berry bowl smoothie easy recipe simple healthy health weight loss detox diet vegan raw organic how to banana girl loni jane freelee girl superfoods antioxidant cacao delicious

Ok, for one moment can we set aside some time for real talk? Tell me I’m not the only one who wakes up to a sunny beautiful day and thinks “It’s time for dessert”? Maybe it’s the fruit bat in me talking, or maybe it’s the fact I prefer a sweet, easy to digest fruits for breakfast as opposed to a cooked brekkie, but thanks to Nature’s Way Superfoods, I’m totally down with dessert for breakfast. Click below for my recipe good enough for breakfast (or dessert)!

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How can you help change a life?

miann scanlan mia konig suit of change charity unlimited potential not for profit philanthropy brisbane queensland charity australia disadvantaged

Miann Scanlan and Mia Konig wearing Wil Valor

How do you dress for a job interview? Maybe you buy a new white blouse and shoes, or get your hair blown out. Maybe your boyfriend might buy a new tailored suit, a new watch, or expensive french cuffs to impress the potential new boss. But what about those  in the community that are disadvantaged? Those who are more concerned with where their next meal might come from, or where they will sleep that night?

Suit of Change Day works in conjunction with Unlimited Potential (UP) – a social initiative founded by Brisbane tailor Mark Ferguson of Will Valor – and encourages Brisbane families to donate their pre-loved men’s attire.

A suit can change a life. Find out how below.

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The science behind style: algorithms, algebra, and analytics.

envelope wrap midi skirt black front split denim chambray shirt top double pearl earring phillip lim mini bag tote marble

In an effort to expand their presence in the realms of fashion and e-commerce, everyone’s favorite search engine  Google has just set out to issue twice-yearly trend reports based on their most popular user searches. Each report determines what’s in and what’s out based on the search result data, and then separates the results into subsections. Where once it were magazine editors determining what trends we wore, now we have confirmation that this fate lays in the consumers hands (or rather, fingertips). To shop the results of their latest trend report, click here.

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To cleanse or not to cleanse?

juice cleanse vegan plant based health wellbeing lifestyle tips easy simple recipe green vibrant organic cold pressed detox tips dahl soup easy how to diet weightloss toxins

I have endless gratitude for the girls over at Sol Cleanse for introducing me to cleansing. If it weren’t for their encouragement and support, I would never have thought to try it. They are always available via email and happy to answer so many questions. I’ve done two cleanses with them now and wanted to impart some of my wisdom onto anyone who is curious. Click below to see the rest of my tips.

1. Prepare beforehand

Spend a few days before your cleanse is due to commence preparing by slowly decreasing your portion size and introducing lots of herbal teas. Shrinking your stomach will help curb hunger cravings, while ceremoniously enjoying delectable herbal teas will help you become more present and mindful in each day – which is vital for your cleanse. If you want to use the cleanse to help you quit coffee, do this two or three days before hand, so that when it’s time to cleanse, you’re already over that hump…

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She sacrificed her own happiness to give me mine


I normally wouldn’t ask this kind of favour from my amazing readers, but I have a very special lady, by far the most important person in my life, who could do with your help.

Over here on the Esteem Medispa Facebook page  I’d adore it if you could kindly vote for my amazing mum to win her a weekend away and a little spa pampering that she deserves. Her story inspired Gold Coast Magazine to select her in the top 20 entrants for the special prize. Now we need your help! All it takes is a single click here.

I employ you to read the story of a young single mum who gave me my beautiful barefoot childhood by the beach. She was the big sister I never had, my best friend, and played with me instead of giving me toys. She sacrificed so much to show me the beautiful, fun, bright side of life, while she quietly and humbly struggled through the darkness. However it wasn’t until much later in my adult life that I realised the reason we didn’t have toys was because we couldn’t afford most of things other families could….

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Plus a bonus smoothie recipe!

organic spirulina smoothie green simple easy recipe healthy breakfast tastes good children

Okay so I have to share with you how much I’m obsessed with my new Spirulina by Nature’s Way Superfoods because it actually tastes amazing!

It’s been a while since I’ve added a green superfood supplement to my smoothie. Partly because I ran out of the brand I used to use and have been too lazy to buy another, but also partly because I’ll be the first to admit that the taste is kind of hard to stomach! In my previous experience, spirulina can be a taste that takes some getting used to, and if you travel as often as I do you’ll know it’s hard to take your favourite smoothie add-ons with you everywhere. The downside to this is when I get home after travelling I feel like I’m back to square one and have to re-train my tastebuds to ignore the distinct earthy green flavour to my morning smoothie. But not anymore!

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How do you describe yourself?


In my early twenties there came a point where I had totally lost my grip on reality. That is, life as I know it now. Back when I was a PR girl living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney I didn’t know there was a life outside of the office, beyond the commute, external to the weekends that were spent dreading Monday. My soul was drowning in a schedule that had spun its way in repetitive cycles around my life and bundled my grey existence neatly into heartbreaking seven day packages. Sound familiar?

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