Put on some gangsta rap and handle it

inspiring spotify playlist motivating gansta rap money  cash music note emoji girl make it rain

I’m very particular about music. Factors like the time of day, what I’m working on, my energy levels, and where I am in the world influence where I let my Spotify take me. But out of all the playlists I curate*, there’s only one that makes me jump out of bed and want to concur the world (while making it rain, of course).

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My favourite skincare products right now

miann scanlan natural skin care beauty anti ageing routine products charlotte tilbury SK-11 miracle essence eco tan organic

Just as our wardrobes and diet change from season to season, so too should your beauty routine. Ageing is also a factor, as is skin becoming too accustomed to the same product year in year out. With the addition of these new products I have grown to love, I also have a few non-neogitables that have seen me through the past year or so.

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The first step is believing in yourself

morning mantra affirmation success achieve greatness unlocking key to success miann scanlan wealth fortune passion

One of the most common blocks for reaching great success is the fear or success itself. Everyone is born with the same abilities to learn, apply knowledge and translate this into abundance. On the same token, everything on the planet is made of energy, including our thoughts. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical being, and this energy can’t help but attract its likeness. Constantly tell yourself that you’ll never make it? Then that’s exactly what will happen.

Click below for my morning mantras that inspire me to be the best version of my self, every single day.

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A lesson in working with what you’ve got

miann scanlan black long sleeve tee dress fashion street style australia gold coast blogger minimal monochrome casual sea side

Being a “fashion girl” with boobs and a booty is an interesting combination. My Pinterest feed is flooded with killer street style looks on rail thin magazine editors all with one thing I don’t have – a tiny, shapeless frame from which the raddest, most man repelling fashun silhouettes effortlessly fall off. The chasm between what appears on my Pinterest feed and what appears in the mirror in front of me is vast, so at times my incredulous perception of my own personal style is clouded by unattainable aspiration.

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