Let it bleed

burgundy plum red dark lips dewy skin natural brows brunette autumn winter makeup mua style red wine stain lips lip stick wet look

 I’m completely smitten with this makeup interpretation of my favourite winter pass time: sipping on a red wine by candle light with a special someone. I keep my complexion flawless, bright and dewy by sticking to cream products. Prep the lips with a lip conditioner and forget everything everyone told you about lip liner. Brush those brows sky high, fill in with a natural looking brow powder and set with clear gel to keep the look wet. Add some warmth to the crease and wash iridescent champagne colours over the lid and skip the mascara all together. Find your perfect shade of oxblood, avoiding anything matte as you want the lips to stain and bleed as if you’ve been drinking red wine all evening and complete the look with a glass of Bordeaux.


*Not in partnership with MAC, these are literally the exact products I own and use

Try to imagine a life without time keeping

miann scanlan watches green winter coat street style fashion australian autumn layers neck tie scarf biker jeans

Have you ever stopped for a moment and taken the time to think about time as a concept? Our entire existence is shaped around time. More time, less time, time to go, time of arrival, time well spent, time running out… What if time was something we simply never placed importance on? This editorial is inspired by one of my favourite books The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom in partnership with Rosefield Watches. When I opened the first page of the book and read the paragraph below the words hit me like a metric tonne of bricks…

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On the couch with a good book

The cold is here which means the perfect excuse for splurging on loungewear, a new coffee table book, candles, throws, and other creature comforts to warm up the winter months.

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 “If you own only one sweater, make sure it’s cashmere”

miann scanlan why need invest cashmere sweater french girl style how to dress parisine parisenne

The foundations of Parisienne dressing philosophy are firmly rooted in what cannot be seen from the outside and lay deep beneath red lips, tousled bangs, immaculately tailored jeans and fresh baguettes tucked chicly under arm. But it’s the exterior of the French woman that mystifies us, that captivating, timeless can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it allure that lingers long after she’s left the room. The je ne sais quoi that implies “I know something you don’t”, just like the high quality of her cashmere sweater – a prized possession she cherishes with ferocious pride while you assume she just picked it out and threw it on without any effort or consideration.

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Fleeting romance in a hotel lobby


For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt an overwhelming sense of romanticism in hotels. Maybe its the transient gypsy in me who clings to a constant sense of adventure, or the cloak of anonymity which is my armour in a foreign city. Forever intrigued by the coming’s and going’s in a hotel lobby I find myself enamoured with those brief moments when my life is intimately intertwined with the mysterious lives of total strangers as they pass by, hotel key in hand, suitcase in tow.

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Up Late

April 19, 2016

The stroke of midnight blue

miann scanlan sass and bide fashion street style brisbane fashion summer autumn layers set blue boots black australian designer fashion ocean inspired resort holiday

Those few transeasonal weeks between April and May are confusing. Cold mornings, warm days, hot afternoons and pleasant evenings make it hard to know which season to dress for. Last week I created this look with sass & bide. Sheer blue fabric as homage to the summer that was, with dark accessories and a bold lip speaking to the winter on the way.. See how I created this look (and some of my snaps from Marie Claire x James Street Up late) below.

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