What we think we become

I’ve always been a pretty positive person. But only now as I grow older  I am finally beginning to understand just how powerful positivity can be. The defining moment for me was one New Year’s Eve when I sat to review a list of goals I had made the year prior.

Scanning my eye down the page and reading what I had written, my heart skipped a beat.

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A world class boutique hotel comes to the coast

miann scanlan halcyon house boutique hotel australia cabarita decor positano capri inspired  anna spiro  theory helmut lang alexander wang all black outfit

It’s not every day that a world class boutique hotel opens in a sleepy beach town in coastal Australia, but when I heard about the 1960′s block of units that were given a new lease on life by Brisbane hoteliers (with the creative hand of Anna Spiro no less), it wasn’t long before I was in the car heading south to discover the internationally inspired slice of paradise for myself.

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Turning a setback into a comeback

Have you ever wanted something so intensely that it seemed impossible to imagine it not coming to fruition? You endlessly pour every waking hour of excitable energy dreaming, scheming, planning, practicing and visualizing. When there is something that we want, the fire of passion burns so intensely that it feels as if nothing could possibly stop us, that is, until we face a major set back.

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